Apparently there’s an app for knowing how much of a BFD you are…

Because it’s important to have the right tools for the tool…

penis sizer

And to measure according to the previously established gold standard protocols

And then compare to the mean…

penis_graph_sizeApparently, anything equal to or greater than 7″ makes you a BFD, you.


No fuckin’ wai! The outrage!

My Chloe…it’s….it’s…HORRIBLE

I ordered the Chloe Ollie from Luisa Via Roma on sale the other day and it arrived and it’s so awful— I’m so disappointed- the sides are all faded, I wrote to them and informed them and they blew me off!

The front and back of the bag is black but the sides and bottom of the bag is faded to blue!

They even admitted that it was messed up–
The CS rep said “In this case, the defects that you found could honestly be due to the ten month shelf life the handbag has had here in our possession.”

And basically they said it was too bad and I couldn’t return it.

I guess I got a $500 lesson not to buy anything from LVR!